Yesterday and today we started our Krispy Kreme fundraiser! The kids were super excited to sell to their peers. Thankfully, a lot of teachers jumped on board and sold some boxes, too. But no one sold as much as  the students! Huge shout out to Jose Rodriguez for selling more than anyone else and to Mecca for being such a HUGE help to me in organizing and counting our revenue! We made $ 150 by selling 50 dozen-boxes in two days. Not bad, but we have tens of thousands of dollars to go! These small ongoing projects will be going on throughout the year but we will need your support, too! Donate today to help us out!


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    Ms. Esteves

    They call me "Ms. E!" I'm a World Geography teacher at the International High School of New Orleans and the Director of our Globe Trotters program. I'll write most of the posts but some will be written by our marvelous students!


    April 2013